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New Beads

All of my Beads are kiln annealed for strength and durability. They go directly from the flame into the kiln, ramping down very slowly,  checked carefully and cleaned with a Dremel tool, before they leave my beadfairy studio. 

Creamy Ocean Set * Sails* 6 Beads

Made of different silver glasses

Size: approx. 19.5mm

Rounds: approx. 9.5-10mm

Hole size: approx. 2mm

Golden Turquoise Stars * Spree Lentils * 20.5mm


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Tropical Fire Bling * Heart Set *

This set is made of silver glass and Murano glass to achieve very cool color effects. Perfect for earrings and necklace or bracelet.

The main colors are pink, gold, blue

This set is Ooak!! (one of a kind)Ready to ship! Please note: this is not finished jewelry - but supply to create jewelry!

Olives: approx. 13 x 20mm

Heart: approx. 19 x 23mm

Spheres: approx. 14mm

Rounds approx. 9 - 14mm

Crystals: approx. 10.5mm

Made on a 2mm mandrel. 

Tropical Fire Bling * Heart Set *


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Motion Focal Lentil

This lentil focal is made of finest Murano glass and silver loaded glass for cool metallic colors and blue green color reactions. I also used 23K fine gold for a suble sparkle.

Colors are black, blue, green, gold, transparente clear - beautiful ocean colors with a twist in the middle

 Size: approx. 27.6mm

 Made on a 2mm mandrel 

 This lentil is OneOfaKind (Ooak) glass bead and therefore         very unique and will be an eye catcher in a beautiful 



Motion Focal Lentil


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