Dog Wellness ;)

Lucca Wellness ;)

Wanted to share this.... Doggie wellness with a nice bath.... but it seems like Lucca doesn't like it. If I'm honest: He hates it!! :) 

We just needed to bath him... he had a strange smell and has got some inflamed sore on skin at his ears. 



Always being toast after this procedure.



Also, I did make some pictures of new lentils and try to get them on tonight. I will not have much time on Friday as I go to my parents house helping them and getting my stuff packed for the short cruise with my gal friends :)

Starting on Saturday from Hamburg (Germany) to Oslo (Norway ) on Monday and Copenhagen (Denmark) on Tuesday... then back to Kiel (Germany) on Wednesday. 


So if there might any customers reading my blog, please give it a few days more to receive your beads as I can ship soonest on Friday next week (we have another Holiday on Thursday).

We have 3 Holidays in May .... isn't that incredible?? :)


OK, so long ... 



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