New Series: Tree Beads... Soul Comforter

As some of you noticed, my mom passed away a few weeks ago.... and I was feeling so crappy in the last weeks. Last week as I felt really bad, I started to make some willow tree beads and really loved to make them. A day later I made just (usual) tree beads and combined them with the murrini and fine stringer work like I used to decorate my lentil beads.

I also started to put on little hearts again, like I used to do a few years ago. Showing all the love for my mom and the making of the tree beads.

The day I started to make these beads did really help me a lot.... bringing all the blood, sweat and tears into a bead what is created in the flame for something new to bring out ... maybe a unique piece of your jewelry? 

I like to etch those kind of beads... I think it gives a special touch and as it is winter time it's also a bit linked to the season ;)

Hope you like them


I call them Soul Comforter:


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