Why are Lampwork Beads more expensive than others.....

Have you ever wondered why hand crafted lampwork beads are more expensive than other beads, like pressed ones for example or mass produced ones?

Well as my native tounge is not english I will direct you to another page and I couldn't say it better!

I hope you see this different then too. I'm a fulltime lampworker and yes, I make a living with making beads, but I work harder and longer as if I would be employed and my hubby is doing the packages and paper work for taxes,  what is a lot!  ;)

The pricing discussion always start again on social media sites or forums and thats why I'm mentioning it in my blog today.

Patti Cahill and Julie Wong Sontag have been so nice to give me the OK to link to her blogposts to show everyone that pricing a bead is a lot more than you think of!



Have fun reading :)

And here is some eye candy :D These have been some of my beads in the last show :)

Later tater :)

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