Karin Hruza

Lampwork Artist, SRA #H24 


Very Short Bio: 


Born in 1969 and raised up with lots of creativity in my head. I have an art heart and was always creating nice things, just like silk paintings or making cards with own written poems.

I began lampworking in 2005 and soon got caught by the flame and the glass! This is my real passion, what I really love to do! 

I'm self taught in making beads.

What else do I love? I'm so in love with orchids and do have some different kinds. I love the gentle blossoms and the delicate smell what comes from a few.  I love to walk through arts & crafts markets and always support the artists in getting a beautiful piece for my own. 

 So this was a little closer look at my person. Thanks for stopping by! 

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Lampworking Infos

For my glassbeads I mostly use Effetre and Vetrofond glass, german Reichenbach and Lauscha glass, and Double Helix Glass from the USA.

 Each single bead goes directly from the flame into a digital controlled kiln to temper the glassbead for strength and durability. This gives the glass also a nice brilliance!

 The glass were molten at my Carlisle Mini CC bench burner and get wound around a coated mandrel, get formed and decorated with other colors of glass. Since a few years I'm a proud owner of a  bobcat torch and love to work with it.  ^_^

German translation:

Für meine Glasperlen verwende ich hauptsächlich Muranoglas von Effetre und Vetrofond, Reichenbach Glas, Lauscha Glas und Double Helix Glas aus den USA.

Jede Glasperle wird direkt aus der Flamme in den digital gesteuerten Abkühlofen gelegt. Durch das langsame Abkühlen der Perle, werden vorhandene Spannungen aus dem Glas genommen und die Glasperle wird unempfindlicher.  Zusätzlich bekommt das Glas eine sehr schöne Brillanz!


Das Glas wird am Gasbrenner geschmolzen und um einen beschichteten V2A Stahldraht gewickelt, geformt und nach belieben mit anderen Glasfarbstangen verziert.

The finished bead, already off the mandrel and holes cleaned with a dremel.


Die Perle nach dem Abkühlen aus dem Ofen, bereits vom Trennmittel gesäubert.

Working - Making a Rose Murrini Cane - And results

My Studio

Moved upstairs into my new studio in 2015

With my magnetic board for MTO's behind me, so I know what I need to make. On the other side is the pc, packing place and finished beads. Named and sorted into little bags.

Glass stash: Murano, Reichenbach and Double Helix Glass *glass heaven* :D

This is where I live:

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