My Work

My personal signature beads:


Soul Comforter Beads Beads made with heart and soul ♡ 


Emerged from the loss of my beloved mom and sister who passed away in October 2013 and January 2015. 

As I lost my mom I couldn't make any beads anymore. I sat at the torch and just couldn't do anything. 

After some time, sitting at the torch again, I just began with no plan what I want to create. I started melting glass and let flow all my love, heart blood and pain into a bead and made a tree of life with tears running down my cheeks. 

Making these beads did also comfort me in my hardest hours, dealing with the loss of a beloved person.

A new series were born for these kind of beads:

Soul Comforter Beads 

So this is the story behind those beautiful beads. They are always one of a kind and so beautiful unique! 

May they also help others through their hardest time when losing someone beloved  ❤︎




Some Impressions of the Years 2013-2014